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The Supreme Master Ching Hai
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Biography of the Supreme Master Ching Hai

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Master Ching Hai was born to a well-off family in Aulac (Vietnam), the daughter of a highly reputed naturopath. She was brought up as a Catholic, and learned the basics of Buddhism from Her grandmother. As a young child, She showed a precocious interest in philosophical and religious teachings, as well as an uncommonly compassionate attitude towards all living beings.

At the age of eighteen, Master Ching Hai moved to England to study, and then later to France and then Germany, where She worked for the Red Cross and married a German scientist. After two years of happy marriage, with the consent of Her husband, She left Her marriage in pursuit of enlightenment, thus fulfilling an ideal which had been with Her since Her childhood. At this time, She was studying various meditation practices and spiritual disciplines under the guidance of the teachers and masters who were within Her reach. She came to realize the futility of one person trying to help the suffering of humanity, and recognized that the best way to help people was to attain total realization Herself. With this as Her singular goal, She traveled around many different countries, searching for the perfect method of enlightenment.

Through many years of tests, trials and tribulations, Master Ching Hai finally found the Quan Yin Method and the Divine Transmission in the Himalayas. After a period of diligent practice, during Her retreat in the Himalayas, She attained complete enlightenment.

In the years after Her enlightenment, Master Ching Hai lived the quiet, unassuming life of a Buddhist nun. Shy in nature, She kept the Treasure hidden until people sought Her instruction and initiation. It is through the insistent requests and efforts of Her earlier disciples in Formosa (Taiwan) and USA, that Master Ching Hai has come to lecture throughout the world, and has initiated many tens of thousands of sincere spiritual aspirants.

Today more and more Truth seekers from different countries and all religions have been streaming to Her for Her supreme wisdom. To those who sincerely wish to learn and practice the method of Immediate Enlightenment which She Herself has verified to be the supreme one - the Quan Yin Method, Master Ching Hai has been willing to give them initiation and further spiritual guidance.

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